About us

DanceNZmade celebrates and embraces the strength, diversity and passion of dance in New Zealand.

Since 2009, Dean McKerras - New Zealand's own Danceman, and his ever growing team of kiwi dance specialists, have been the force behind the initiative.

Why DanceNZmade? 

Ultimately our reason why is to increase the possibility for New Zealanders to exchange great dance.
For years kiwis have thought they can do anything. It goes without saying we can do all things dance.
DanceNZmade focuses on and celebrates the dance upon our shores. So often we look beyond for inspiration, there’s no doubting it’s there, but it’s also just down the road. 

Our Mission:

To embrace dance ‘downunder’ in a friendly relaxed atmosphere where exchanging great dance is the focus, creativity and energy are celebrated, dancers and dance specialists are professionally respected & inspiration and pride are the ultimate results.

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