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Our Performance (Jazz), Hip Hop and Contemporary Levels are available for your studios at twelve levels. Your annual registration gives you access to all three genres with no other syllabus cost, there’s no reason to wait any longer. It’s available online anytime you need or want it and you can present it to one of our adjudicators at any time during the year.  It’s as easy as that!  We look forward to building and celebrating great dance with you and your studio families.

When the Performance Levels land at your studio..

Turn your studio into a theatre, your dance floor into a stage and prepare your students to shine. Then reward them with deserving praise and results from one of our adjudicators who share your passion for dance.
Aside from providing a vehicle for your students to display their diversity in many different genres of dance the Performance Levels allow you to present your own studio style alongside the creativity of your students.

Stage Star Levels

With the performance and Hip Hop Levels fully established we are introducing our 'Stage Star' Levels.
Star Levels- an awesome (an eighties term don’t tell anyone) opportunity for our adjudicators to celebrate your competition work. We’ve had requests from some of our studios to offer a ‘medal testing’ type of opportunity so here we are! We’d love you all to know about it….

What’s in it for you?

*A detailed report sheet reviewing all aspects of your performance.
*Another opinion / opportunity for feedback from one of our dance specialists on your competition work.
*A certificate and medal each for solos, duos and trios (groups receive a studio certificate and Star for the studio wall) so everyone knows how fantastic you are. These will be presented at the end of your Stage Level Presentation.
It would be convenient for us if this was presented after your Hip Hop and/or Performance Level presentations. If this will not work for you we are happy to discuss options! It is possible to use only our Stage Star Levels if you are not using our Performance or Hip Hop Levels.


50-69 marks       3  Stage Star Award
70-89 marks       4 Stage Star Award
90-100 marks     5 Stage Star Award


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Schools offering DanceNZmade Syllabus:


Danceworks, Queenstown

Dean McKerras School of Dance, Palmerston North

Fuel Fitness, Invercargill

Judith Fuge Dance School, Paraparaumu

Kate Martin Dance, Levin

Marie Pascoe Dance, Melbourne

Mosgiel Meenan Dance, Mosgiel

Solway Dance Masterton 


In Motion Dance School, Greytown


Hartley School of Performing Arts, Rangiora


Wellington Ballet, Khandallah


KTS Dance, Masterton


La Muse, Invercargill


Miss E Ltd Dance, Taumarunui


The Dance Well Centre, Wellington


Angela Goodall Dance Academy


Celeste Dance, Mount Maunganui


Studio Move, Auckland


Wakatipu Conservatoire of Classical Ballet, Queenstown



DNZM Performane Levels Teaser - Jazz

DNZM Performance Level Teaser - HipHop

DNZM Perfomance Levels Teaser - Contemporary

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